Madame Moiselle’s Martini

Beefeaters Gin, dry vermouth & fresh squeezed grapefruit juice shaken together over ice and served up


Wild Mountain Margarita

Hornitos Tequila, triple sec, simple syrup, fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice served in a pint glass with ice, a salted rim & and Chambord float


Washington’s Rye Manhattan

Woodinville Whiskey’s rye whiskey, sweet vermouth & angostura bitters shaken & served your choice of up or on the rocks


The Pardoned Pernod

Pernod liquor, a bit o’ water, simple syrup & angostura bitters shaken and served up


Not your Mom’s Italian Soda

Campari Liqueur topped simply with JFJ Sparkling Brut & club soda over ice


The Shipwreck

Meyers Dark Rum, Lillet blanc, simple syrup & fresh squeezed lime juice shaken and served up


Sour Apple Madras

Tito’s Vodka, Sour Green Apple Liqueur, organic fresh squeezed orange juice & cranberry juice shaken & served on the rocks


The Icy Irish

Strong brewed Herkimer coffee, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Irish Liqueur & simple syrup served on the rocks


The Godmother

Dewars scotch, Amaretto Liqueur & a dash o’ honey shaken lightly & served on the rocks