1408 NW 85th Street

Seattle WA 98117


Open Daily 7:30am-3pm

we can


most vegan



and special diets! Just ask!

we do not accept reservations. First come, first served

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my locally owned and operated business! By choosing Wild Mountain, you help keep dollars in our local economy, support a small, woman-owned business, create local jobs, create more choices in our neighborhood, nurture community, invest in entrepreneurship and help the environment by supporting a sustainable business. My staff and I thank you for that! We compost all of our food waste (including food left uneaten on your plate!) as well as paper napkins, coasters, coffee grounds and wax-coated boxes and cartons. We continually strive to include organic and locally-sourced foods while trying to find the balance between sustainability & affordability for our guests.   ~Connie



We are open